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Grand Prize of His Majesty
King Mohammed VI of Tbourida

The Tbourida also called Baroud game (powder game) is a contest of speed, endurance, grace, discipline and manoeuvrability.

Tbourida is a traditional and popular equestrian art widely practiced in Morocco to celebrate national , religious  and family feasts.

In each edition, the Salon du Cheval celebrates the country's intangible cultural heritage by organizing the Grand Prix of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Tbourida.

Each region is represented by a team known as "Sorba," made up of distinguished riders and horses. They are equipped with a high quality harness reflecting the artisanal know-how of our craftsmen.

This edition coincides with the inscription of Tbourida in the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization "UNESCO".

The Tbourida is one of the main events of the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida and the most awaited activity by the visitors.

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Moroccan Arab Horse-Breeders’Cup

In order to encourage the Moroccan breeders of Arabian horses, this cup is organized by the Salon du Cheval  d’El Jadida in partnership with the Arabian Horse Organization (AHO).

About sixty Arabian horses belonging to around twenty breeders will be competing in the Moroccan Arab Horse Breeders’ Cup.

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International Arabian Horse show "A"

Each edition, The “Association du Salon du Cheval” and the Royal Moroccan Arabian Horse Breeders’ Association (ARMECPSA) in collaboration with the Royal Society of Horse Encouragement organize the International  Arabian  Horse Show "A" for the beauty of Arabians purebred. This show is classified level “A” by the European Conference of Arab Horse Organization (ECAHO) .

Around 100 Arabians from Europe and the Middle East compete every year. Exhibitors and visitors from all over come to take in the wonderful atmosphere and horses of the show.

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National Modern Farriery Championship (Unscheduled)

In order to achieve its goals of encouraging professions related to horses, and realizing the importance of the role of modern farriery in the use and welfare of horses, the Association du Salon du Cheval organizes, in each edition, the National Modern Farriery  Championship, during which two categories are opened: the National Modern Farriery Championship for trainees, and the National Professional Championship.

This competition is an opportunity to exchange experiences and skills in modern farriery, and unique moments of networking between professionals in this field.This championship has greatly contributed to the development of national skills.


Grand Prix of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI of jumping competition

As previous editions, the third and final stage of the Morocco Royal Tour (MRT) takes place during the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida.

This 4-star competition will take place over three consecutive weekends: in Tetouan, by La Garde Royale, in Rabat by the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports, and in El Jadida by the Association du Salon du Cheval, where the most flagship stage is organized: the Grand Prix For His Majesty King Mohammed VI International Show Jumping.

Each year, the event welcomed riders from all over the world including a prestigious group horse-riders: Olympic medalists, World Equestrian Games participants such as: Vay Paelly, Nadja steiner, Van Paesschen, Khaled Al Eid, Abdullah Al Sharbatly, Abdekbir Ouddar, Philips Rozier, Emanuel Gaudiano, Marc Bettinge ... and others.

A CSI 1* will also take place in parallel on each of the three locations and is considered as a beautiful equestrian trip for amateurs and a good opportunity for our young talents to compete with the great European talents (especially).

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International Barb Horse Championship (Unscheduled)

In order to honor and to encourage the Barb horse, our national breed, The Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida organizes, as usual at each edition, the International Barb Horse championship, under the auspices of the World Organization of the Barb Horse (OMCB) and in partnership with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Horse (SOREC).

About sixty barb horses from Europe and North Africa will take part in this competition.

The 13 th edition of The Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida will mark the organization of the 9th edition of this championship.

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The Champions’ Cup for Arab-Barb Horse

This competition is organized within the framework of Moroccan of Arab-Barb horses’ breeders’ promotion. About forty winning horses in the various championships organized by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Horse (SOREC) and the National Association of Barb and Arab-Barb Horse Breeders, will participate.

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Art competition
for young talents

It is an art competition in which the best painting and drawing on the theme "The Horse" are awarded.

Secondary school students between the ages of 12 and 16, selected from a El Jadida and five other provinces of the kingdom participate in it, after successfully passing the elimination stages.

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The Champions Cup for Barb Horses

To honor and encourage the national horse, the Barb, the Salon du Cheval of El Jadida is organizing for the first time the  Champions Cup for Barb Horses.

Will participate  horses who have won titles in the various national championships.


His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed
Photographic Award

This competition is open to Arab photographers, and is organized in partnership with the Arab Union of Photographers on the theme “ The Horse”. The competition consists of two categories; the first is for the Tbourida, and the second is for the authentic Arabian horse.


EquiPlay (Unscheduled)

The EQUIPLAY is a club competition targeting young riders (riding horses or ponies) who compete in three disciplines: Equifun, Pony-games, and Carousel.

These games are considered one of the strongest moments of the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida, given their showy and fun nature, on the one hand, and the density of the audience they attract, on the other.

Equifun : is a competition that aims to develop the rider's ability to master his ride through choices that match his skills and to enhance the grooming of horses and ponies by improving the quality of their dressage.

PONY-GAMES : is a team sport in which each individual shines, and the aim of these games is to prepare, in a fun way, to learn all the equestrian techniques.

CARROUSEL: a discipline that combines sports and equestrian arts. It requires a lot of focus and relationships between the riders who share magical moments when the horses dance to the beat of the music.

It is an attractive costume competition, which combines fun and show for the spectators.


Horse Rides (Unscheduled)

To honor and encourage lovers of long-distance horseback riding outside the cities, the Salon du Cheval of El Jadida devotes an important part of its program to salute these riders who love horses and nature.

Thus, in each edition, the Salon welcomes and celebrates the many horse riding teams that arrive from different regions of the Kingdom after traveling hundreds of kilometers across mountains and plains, all the way to El Jadida.

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La 15ème édition du Salon du Cheval d'Eljadida
Morocco Royal Tour de saut d'obstacles: Emanuele Gaudiano remporte le Grand Prix SM le Roi Mohammed VI
Winner of the Grand Prix of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Tbourida

Why exhibit ?

The Horse Show in El Jadida is a prestigious event bringing together, in a small space and for a limited period of time, exhibitors and visitors, thus representing a privileged meeting place and exchange. Participating in the Show is an opportunity to prospect markets, to meet the competition, to attract new customers, to demonstrate know-how, in an atmosphere conducive to exchanges.

As the Show has an international audience, it allows small and medium-sized businesses in particular to consider international development at a reduced cost compared to other prospecting tools.

News from the show

-New Kids' Village concept
-Organization of a national endurance competition
-Study day on the theme of the 14th edition
-Setting up a Fan Zone (screens and activities for Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
-Creation of " Breeders' Area" during Arabian Horse competitions

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