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General informations / Terms Transit

Administrative formalities

I. Accompanying :

To facilitate the preparation of veterinary and administrative records for the transit, the Salon du Cheval Association, in collaboration with the concerned officials services, make available to the horse owners a personalized support for the preparation of the formalities, the reception at ports and airports in Morocco and routing to the stables as well as for the return (Travel back).For this, the following company was mandated to assist any person wishing to entrust this task.


Contacts :

Philippe Apert

Tél : +33 6 07 76 42 43
Fax : +33 5 56 43 84 80
E-mail : apert.philippe@gmail.com

In parallel, and like last years, a coordination unit will assist in health and customs certification, every person will answer any questions or request for information on this subject:

Dr. A. Mabrouk :

GSM: +212 661 49 49 61 / +43 689 002 700
E-mail : veterinaire.frmse@yahoo.com

Dr. A.Zejjari :

GSM: +212 661 91 65 25
E-mail : zejjari@gmx.com

II. Summary of the formalities :

After confirming the participation in various events and competitions, and to facilitate the transit, it is necessary to send to the coordination unit (coordinationcell2022@gmail.com),and the transit agent (horses@transito2000.com) the copies of horse identification in order to prepare the importation.Copies of other documents that are mentioned below, must also reach us for verification and preparation of the control in Spain and Morocco, as and when these documents are obtained.

Two records should be prepared:

1. A Health record including:

• The horse passport or an accompanying document.
• The health certificate, the standards form is available on the website, signed by the official veterinarian and not a private veterinarian (all countries).
• Horses must be correctly vaccinated against influenza and Rhino-pneumonia.
• Laboratory analysis certificates stamped by the official veterinarian who prepared the health certificate

a. European Union (EU), UK and Switzerland

• Infectious anemia (Coggins test): within 30 days before starting.
• Surra (trypanosomiase) : ELISA Test or CATT, within 15 days before starting
• African Horse Sickness: Indirect ELISA or ELISA Bloquant, within 21 days before starting
• Dourine and Glanders: within 15 days of export, except horses from the European Union (EU) and Switzerland who have not left these territories (EU and Switzerland)during the last six months prior to export; except for travelling to Canada and the USA

b. United Arab Emirates

• Infectious anemia (Coggins test): within 30 days of export.
• Surra (trypanosomiase) ELISA Test or CATT, within 15 days of export.
• Dourine and Glanders: within 15 days of export.
• African Horse Sickness:

- If the horse has been not vaccinated: one single analysis 10 days before departure
- If the horse has been vaccinated against the African Horse Sickness: two analysis are necessary, carried out on samples of blood taken of between 21 and 30 days, the second of which must have been taken within 10 days of export without increase in antibody count.

c. Arab and MENA countries: KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria andTunisia

• Infectious anemia (Coggins test): within 30 days of export for horses from all countries.
• Surra (trypanosomiase) ELISA Test or CATT, within 15 days of export.
• Dourine and Glanders: within 15 days of export.
• Viral arteritis: within 28 days of export.
• African Horse Sickness:

- if it has been not vaccinated: on one occasion, carried out on a sample of blood taken within 10 days before boarding.
- if it has been vaccinated: on two occasions, carried out on samples of blood taken of between 21 and 30 days, the second of which must have been taken within 10 days of export without increase in antibody count.

The Sanitary file for companion animals (pets) originating from the EU:

If you wish to bring with you pets (dogs), they must satisfy the following conditions:

• be identified by an electronic chip (transponder) implanted under the skin;
• have a valid vaccination against rabies (primary immunization and booster);
• have undergone a serum antibody titration of rabies antibodies (laboratory examination performed on a blood sample that ensures the effectiveness of the rabies vaccination of the animal)that was carried out in a laboratory approved by the European Union at least 30 days after the vaccination of the animal and at least three months before its importation. The serum titration result must be greater than or equal to 0.5 IU / ml.

2. An administrative record including :

- The ATA Carnet indicating the horses and the equipment is provided by the local chamber of commerce.
- the mean of transport “MA” within Morocco, usually delivered by the Ministry of Transports of the country of origin.

III. Forwarding Agents (Transitaires)

Two national transit persons are conventioned with the organizers for the formalities both on the Spanish side and on the Moroccan side.


Contact details:

Mr. Jaouad OUNASSER : +212 661 24 60 23

M. Rachid ABBADI : +212 661 62 89 50

Email :


Contact details:

Mr. Khalid RHOULI +212 661 24 47 82
Mr. Yassine BAYAD +212 661 36 54 31


Contact details:

Rocio Cosano Berenjeno
Coordinadora Oficina Operaciones

Estacion Maritima local c5 11201 ALGECIRAS – SPAIN

E-mail : horses@transito2000.com
Tel: +34 956 654080 / +34 683 112560

NB : the Forwarding (Transitaires) costs and the crossing fees concerning the hoses participating at the MRT will be payed by the MRT.

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